Sunday, August 23, 2009

its been awhile..........

since i've posted in here...first got so depressed over tig i decided to stay away from this because it seems to be my 'outlet' for grief....then i finally got a its not what kind of job i had hoped for, but its a job...and i work 3rd shift, and last week was my first full week and i had to do overtime by working friday night,,,so saturday night i was off and tonight back to work!! i am soo worn out by the time i get home i sleep til its time to go to work again..i guess i'm an injection mold operator? i simply take the pieces that are made and trim whatever or add brackets or whatever and package them up...its an easy job so far, but boy is it hotter than heck and i move alot!! i've lost 8 lbs in my first week,,,mostly because i only eat a yogurt on my lunch break....its so hot i don't want anything but cool...i was drinking a lot of mountain dew and now don't like it so finally gave in the other day and started drinking water...which i still don't like but it tastes as bad watered down as it does to start with!!lol...still miss my Tig very much...and the past few days Mr Husband has been a total asshat...which makes me miss Tig even more because he was my buddy and gave me loves its just to take a nap for work tonight..........miss you so very much sucks without you:(

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