Tuesday, August 4, 2009

more the same

am i starting to sound too repetitious?! yes its more of the same,,,staying awake all night, crying every now and then, crocheting like usual...a boring life?! well, i was awake til 1130 yesterday morning, then slept til about 6pm and now i've been awake since then...yesterday morning i decided to surprise hubby with breakfast, and while waiting for it to get done i went out on the deck to check the koi pond....last week he took the net off of it and i worry the crane will show up again...for over a year we had a big long legged bird out there early in the mornings munching down on our koi:( i'm worried he'll discover we no longer have the nets over the pond and come back for more seafood delight! while out there i saw something move through the corner of my eye, and looked over towards Tig's grave...there was a mommy and two baby kitties 'playing ' on tig's grave!! one kitty was up on one of the poles!! i knew there was a mama and babies somewhere out around our yard but i hadn't seen them in a few months...i don't think she really is a stray but is our neighbor's cat, but she doesn't keep her indoors nor very good care i don't think!! did my errands....made jeep payment, stopped by goodwill to see if i could find any broken up beads or jewelry or something like that for my crafting...got a couple of baby einstein vhs tapes that look like they've never been played...so when i'm babysitting grandbaby/s i have something to entertain them! stopped at the grocery store for hamburger buns...came home, dropped everything on the steps, and went to bed!! i finally checked the mail about 2 this morning...got two RAK packages from my ravelry buddies...one is a bunch of baby patterns and the other some nice yarn!! also got a sympathy card from one of Tig's vets, Dr Riggle....of course that made me bawl...........i sure miss him..........so now that its about 5am, i finished unloading and loading the dishwasher and washing a bunch of dishes by hand...i'm gonna go take a shower and go to bed........but i doubt i'll fall asleep for a few hours! sweet tigger baby kitty...i miss you and will always have you in my heart...i love you my baby boy.......................

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