Friday, October 30, 2009

and life is still going on....

well, i haven't been blogging because quite honestly life has been so husband left me sept 2 quite unexpectedly....and yes i still was and am grieving over tig and i always will....managed to get a job briefly this month but it made my vertigo so much worse...the day i chose to quit was the day my daughter had been robbed at gunpoint in the early morning at her work...thankfully physically she is fine! on my way home from work(12 hours) i called my sis in idaho to see how my bil's mri was(and my mom was in the hospital with pancreatitis) sis asked if i was home so i knew something was mom had died...........they aren't having a funeral or service...they had her cremated....perhaps a service at a later time...
and hubby came over yesterday to get some of his stuff....i feel alone like i've been abandoned...i hope he gets back to counselling and realizes family is more important than anything....i know i am going to keep going to counselling...someone needs to help me keep my brain from getting overly tangled!!
i still kreate kritters...went to our local fiber festival this weekend which is everyyear and a lot of people loved my thinking of doing up a website...but for now i'll stick with etsy...and i need to get busy as this is my only income for now beings hubby has the funds he earns going to his own account somewhere?!! still goes on............and tigg kitty mama misses and loves you....and i know you are protecting me!:)

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