Tuesday, January 12, 2010

bad bad blogger

well, i admit it, i'm a bad bad blogger.....the last 6 months or so was just so icky....i mostly didn't want to exist, but had to....thankfully thanksgiving came....because my hubby spending it alone made him think, and, as he said, 'pull his head out of his arse'.....and the first week of december he came back home! am i happy? of course...things are better, except for his pain...samantha and josh got their own place the same weekend john moved back home! i miss little Bailey kitty, but he's their kitty:( we were going to go buy two kitties at the pet store, but the more i think of it the more i don't think its a good idea...i still miss tigger so much...i don't want to go through that pain again of losing a pet....
i finished a medical transcription course, so now i have that and medical coding training, not that it will do me much good...most jobs that are out there want someone with at least one year's experience...meanwhile, i spent today 'powerkritterkreating'!! finished up putting together a bunch of kritters, now they are in need of embellishing and then off to my etsy store!!
in fact, its time for me to go get busy!! i'll try to post here more often...at least for now there is no sadness to post, and i hope that it stays away for a longggg longggg time!

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  1. I was just looking over your projects at Ravelry, okay, I was really drooling over them. You have the most incredible talent, and do the most exquisite work I've ever seen! If you lived closer, I would be begging you to teach me embroidery so my little stuffies would be half as cute as yours!
    Hope you're have a wonderful weekend! TurtleDoveCoo aka MarjorieCrochets