Friday, February 20, 2015

i am an educated uneducatedatblogging blogger!lol  its been so long since i peeked in here!  a lot has gone on this past year, to me, bad, but i guess it depends on who you are and how you think it should be!  for one thing, the year started with me having neck surgery January 18 quite unexpectedly...i had a large bone spur on the spinal cord causing the nerves to my left arm to be compressed which is what had been causing me so much pain the past four months prior to that!  In addition, i have what my husband has, degenerative disc...So two days after the dr. told me I needed surgery, I was having surgery!! And without going into details, very very unexpectedly on January 30, my husband of 30 years left me...i honestly don't know the reason for sure....his legal papers say one thing, and he has said another on a couple different occassions.  I know the legal one isn't true...but a lot of what he said isn't true...and i guess alot of what he said isn't true! get it.......sooo,
unable to work yet, its been a hard year.  John has been kind enough to let me have the military retire portion of his pay, but that doesn't actually cover the expenses completely, so i go back and forth between who gets paid what when!  I did cancel my direct tv, verizon wireless, satelite internet, had to cancel pet insurance as it was coming out of his postal accnt and he had that changed...i became a very good extreme couponer for awhile...can only be one when i have the money for the coupons!lol  I was selling my kritter kreations and other krocheted goods, but i have a 'restraining order' that says i can't do that!...hmmmm.....
i've lost some weight...was doing good but gained about 15 lbs of it back...and right now i have a bum knee so not much doing the exercise thing but i hope once all this get settled and i can get a regular income coming in, that i can start going to the gym again...I really enjoyed it!
i originally wanted to leave here and move as far away as i could!  Its so hard when you still love someone knowing they are living in another town with another person...ok, supposedly renting from this other person...and because i love the man i married and believe in our vows and have always believed in him..when he says he didn't i believe him...even if i shouldn't!

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