Friday, July 31, 2009

two weeks

......since Tig passed away.....i still have crying spells but not as often, well, at least i try to tell myself its not as often.! my sleep schedule is still really screwed up...i've been awake now since about 3am...its about 11am...i've been busy working on things for ebay and my etsy store..i've decided to stop spending so much time doing online job applications because it hasn't done any interview a few weeks ago i thought was good, but i didn't get the job...sooo, i decided to get more things made for my etsy store(winter is coming,,,hats/scarves....inexpensive homemade nice gifts!)...i actually crocheted a couple pairs of earrings this morning that i'm going to sew a bead in(next ones i'll actually do beading in them) and then put them along with a hat i made last night and two furry scarves in my etsy store, and i've been embellishing a lavishly ribbon embroidered rose beary for ebay...i was doing good,,,then the phone was Tig's vet...wanting to know if Tigger was still with us........i said no, he passed away two weeks ago today...he then gave condolences and asked if he died at home...i said yes about 1115 pm...then i started to cry, and he said he knew we had done all we could for tigger,,,and i thanked him i've been up long enough for a headache to develop, so i'm gonna go try and get a couple hours of sleep....then wake up in time to get some errands run...and more crocheting...maybe even find another path into my craft room!! yesterday hubby and josh(future son in law) built a brick enclosure around tig's grave, then topped the grave with cement and a stepping stone in the middle of it that i had purchased right after his looks really nice...eventually either i or hubby will do a woodburned 'headstone' for it,,,when its not so fresh and painful to think about.......tig mama misses you and loves you forever bunches...............

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