Monday, July 20, 2009

What do i do now?.......

ok, so i'm new to this blog thing..i've read others blogs, browsed through a few, but never thought about having or doing one of my own, til now....sooo, what do i do now?? talk about my family? the sadness i'm experiencing right now for the loss of my baby tigger kitty a few days ago to chronic renal failure? go crazy in discussion about my favorite hobby...crocheting....especially kreating kollectible kritters??.....i think right now i'm going to go pour myself a glass of sweet raspberry tea, sit my behind down in my comfy big chair, and kritter kreate!....more words will come later:)


  1. sounds like bliss (the tea and knitting!)
    welcome to the blogging world ;)

  2. the tea and crocheting(i can't knit!) are bliss.....and i think i'm getting the hang of this...although its more like writing in a journal, but publicly!