Tuesday, July 28, 2009

will it ever end?

i'm so tired of being tired...since tig's death i don't sleep during the normal sleeping hours, although i really didn't before he died, now i don't even attempt to go to bed til closer to 8 in the morning! really messed up, huh?! i then usually wake up sometime during the day briefly, come upstairs and check the messages on the phone(waiting for a job that i'm sure isn't going to happen now) and then go back to bed...and sleep most the day with hubby...its about 5am here...i've been crocheting, trying again to hurry and get some kritters done for both etsy and ebay, and i still find myself crying too much over tig....and for the 2nd time hubby has suggested i need a new kitty......but i promised tig i would not get another kitty..........
i think i'll try to get up earlier tomorrow and start getting my craft room in some kind of decent shape....its such a mess right now....i have a lot of crafts i want to work on again that i haven't in years, but i need to be able to get to my table, and i want to be able to sit in my rocker and crochet...right now its full of yarn(big bag)...and stuffed animals!! but, i need to go wake daughter up for her job.............and do a little more hookin..........miss you and love you forever my tigger baby:(

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